About Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a niche B2B area where, specific business specializes in increasing sales for clients by cold calling, generating leads, setting qualified appointments for their clients with their end customers and dealers. The qualified appointments, in turn assist the company in acquiring clients.

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An appointment setter is someone who contacts potential customers and arrange sales calls. Companies,

It is ideal to hire appointment setters that are employed by telemarketing companies specifically the most reputable ones. These companies usually have well-trained and experienced appointment setters making it possible for them to contact those customers who are interested in dealing business with the company they represent with. Also,

Typically, appointment setters will make approximately a hundred calls or emails per day and they are responsible for keeping the records of potential clients and of their productivity. They are quota driven and aim to reach their quota on a daily basis to meet the expectations of the company that hire their services. It is their employers who will give them with the list of potential clients they should be contacting.

Appointment setters can set up an appointment for an in-house demonstration, over the phone consultation or private meeting at the office or home of the interested party. They are commonly employed in the sales industry and are expected to determine the level of interest of a person, ability to contract as well as need. Based on the filters, appointment setters are able to put the interested person in contact with the sales associate who can provide him with more details or assist him in placing an order.


The appointment setting agencies specialize in many techniques of lead generation like social media researching, targeting customers, reaching out through various modes and channels, negotiation, leveraging contacts, network building.

The appointment setters can be external agents or in house agents who specialize in generating contacts and leads and fixing appointments for various initiatives in the company. The revenue model for the appointment setting agencies is a commission out of the deal or a fixed price in case the appointment is of non-monetary outcome. The appointment setting is an important task in many occasions for finalizing deals and speeding the process of business negotiations and interactions.

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As an appointment setter, you are responsible for contacting leads over the telephone to generate appointments. A lead is simply the person who shows interest in your product/service and is authorized to make purchase decisions. Working as an appointment setter can be a lot of pressure. If you are not setting appointments, company productivity suffers. The best way to become an effective appointment setter is by preparing yourself in advance.